What to Know about Steel Shelving

The industries and warehouses have always wanted a robust means of storage to meet all their storage requirements. Most warehouses have carried out pallet racking installation to meet their storage needs as well as cut on the cost of constructing new warehouses. Homes as well as small retails shops, hospitals among other sectors also have their own classified storage needs. In such a case steel shelves have been found applicable because they allow for storage of rather small items that may need identification from time to time.


Finding durable steel shelves can be difficult sometimes due to the fact that many shelves look strong but cannot accommodate more weight. There are also those shelves that resemble those made of steel simply because they have been coated with steel rather than being made of steel. Steel shelving units are quality, robust and can withstand a large amount of weight especially for those particular used in industries and warehouses.

When buying the steel shelve units, there are a number of factors that need consideration because the purchase is a life time investment. Most important factor to consider, is the material from which shelve is made. The durable type of shelves are made from the cold rolled steel of 18 gauge. The steel used should be considerably thick enough to support the weight they are meant for, otherwise, there could be a problem in the future when the weight of things to be stored increases.

Most of the shelving units are coated with enamels, hence if the painting is done properly then the unit will be long lasting. There are different sizes of the shelving units, depended on the size, a good unit can withstand a weight of up to 450-2000 pounds. They can be accessed from both ends or from one end depending on how they are placed. They are suitable for storage of small items that may need to be identified during their withdrawal from the storage unit. For this matter, they are common for storage in homes, hospitals and hotel kitchens among other places for storage of foodstuffs, crockery and other appliances.

Steel shelves may not be used for storage of large sized and bulky items hence may not need regular inspections as it is the case for the pallet racks. second hand pallet racking melbourne is basically done since they accommodate more weight than the steel shelves hence can pose a higher risk on people working around them. Steel shelve may need maintenance practices such as cleaning. Its use does not involve a lot of weight and therefore have lower maintenance practices. The shelves should also be well spaced to allow for room for easy maneuvering within to avoid knocking them off.

The small sized steel shelves are appropriate for storage of items that are fragile and cannot be piled up. This use is common for hospitals where there is need for storage of drug containers and bottles as well as syringes.  Such shelves can as well be used in homes for storage of fragile items and food stuffs.

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