How to check a diamond engagement ring?

Everyone wants to gift his partner a diamond ring on their engagement. But when you are going to buy a diamond ring you must be careful enough as you can be fooled with fake diamonds which is nothing but glasses. So you should check it properly before buying. Several people buy diamond engagement rings melbourne cbd, where the diamonds are set in platinum, gold or sterling silver. A diamond ring looks very much traditional and also elegant in engagement ceremony.

diamond engagement rings melbourne cbd

So the different methods of checking a diamond engagement ring are mentioned below.

  • Firstly you can check the diamond by the breath test. Here you just have to hold the ring in front of your mouth and then you have to breathe just like you do in front of mirrors to create fog in that. If you see fog in the diamond, then it may not be real, and if no fog is present on the diamond after several times of the breath test, then you can be sure about the originality of the diamond.
  • Again, you can also hold the diamond upside down on a paper and check whether you can read the lines of the paper or not. If you are able to read the lines, then probably the diamond is fake, and if you cannot see the lines properly, then you can say that the diamond is real.
  • You can also check for the setting of the diamond in the metal because a real diamond cannot be set on an inexpensive metal. If you find a proper sign in the metals, then you may be sure about the diamond. Again, if you find that the sign is C.Z., then you must be sure that it is nothing but Cubic Zirconia.

There are also many other ways to check diamond engagement rings Melbourne cbd, but these are the ways by which you can easily identify the real diamonds.

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