Dispersion of Sore throat bacteria

Sore throat is infection caused through the attack of bacteria called streptococcal. This bacterium is highly contagious. It can cause fever, swollen lymphoid, chest infection, breathing problem along with sore throat. Sore throat caused by dry air, unhygienic food, smoke, pollution, pollens and other environmental factors are generally treated as … [Continue reading]


Ulcer is an open sore. It can be anywhere in the body inside or outside. Generally we here people talking about ulcers in their mouth or stomach. Condition of ulcers may range from tiny, aching sores to serious wound. Mouth ulcers are easily … [Continue reading]


Tonsil problem is very much common in children. Everybody has heard of the word tonsils but very few actually know about what tonsils are? What do they do? Or in what conditions they need to be removed? So let’s understand what tonsils exactly are … [Continue reading]


Thyroid is a largest endocrine butterfly shape gland found it the neck. Thyroid gland is responsible for controlling metabolic process; it controls the usage of energy by our body. That means how quickly our body uses the energy depends on thyroid … [Continue reading]


Snoring is not a disease yet no less. It is a big problem which can create tensions in your relationship and sometimes become a matter of embarrassment. Snoring occurs when there is not a free flow of air through your nasal passage which leads to … [Continue reading]


Smoke means burning on fire and smoking means burning a substance and inhaling it for taste and pleasure(to feel light minded).Smoking has become very popular subject of concern for those who smoke as well as for non smokers. Smoking has many effects … [Continue reading]

Risk of sore throat infection

Sore throat problem is however nothing serious or to worry about. But then you never know whether sore throat is a problem or a symptom. As discussed earlier sore throat generally affects small kids or older people, because in both the age groups … [Continue reading]

Cold and Flu

As the name suggest common cold or flu is a problem which you may experience many times in a year especially during change in seasons. Until unless you have strong immunity built up you will suffer through cold and flu at least three times in a year. … [Continue reading]

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